Welcome to Retro Racer 31

Welcome to Retro Racer 31

The Trials and Tribulations of an unfit, overweight guy, that decided to take up Retro BMX racing at the age of 43. More »

Knox Thunderdome 2016

Knox Thunderdome 2016

Results and images from Knox Thunderdome 2016 held over the weekend of 5th and 6th of November at the home of retro racing Knox BMX track. More »

Victorian State BMX Championships

Victorian State BMX Championships

Friday 18th of November will see the first time that the retro class has officially been added to the Victorian state titles, with 48 entries over 3 classes. More »

Nutrition and Training go hand in hand

Nutrition and Training go hand in hand

Getting your nutrition right is just as important as your training and to be honest I have not quite got it right lately. More »


Welcome to Retro Racer 31

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to RetroRacer31. This site is about the trials and tribulations of a normal every day guy who at the ripe old age of 43 decided to take up BMX racing for the first time. Buying an old 1986 Haro Group 1, my foray into the retro class of BMX racing soon began, which has since blossomed into the love of the sport and all things Retro BMX. That was in January 2015, almost 2 years later I decided to create this site and share the fun and excitement of retro BMX racing and to discuss my struggles as a first time racer and an overweight middle aged guy, who is trying to recapture some lost youth, refusing to grow old and have fun doing it.

Winning my first race

Frankston Summer series retro BMX

Friday night, 12th May 2017 saw us at the 5th round of the Frankston Summer series and with only one round to go, it is serious business, particularly for people like myself who are on the cusp of the top 8 and in for a chance of an award for the series. Eleven people were racing the retro BMX class for the night and as usual with an odd number of riders it would come down to the BMX gods to be on my side to get through to the main final for the night. The first moto I was on track to claim a spot in the main, with a 4th place finish, alas the BMX gods laughed at me in the second moto, where I was in the moto of 6 people, which was absolutely loaded, unfortunately I finished a distant 6th and even though I pulled another

Retro national titles, my predictions

BMX Australia national championships logo

With the 2017 BMX Australia Retro national championships a little over a week away, I thought I would look over the fields for next weeks retro racing and give my predictions for the 4 classes that will be racing their retro bikes for the Australian title. Classes that will be competing are the 8 to 14 boys and for the first time ever we also have a stand alone girls class with 7 girls in the 8 to 14 class, the 39 and under men and the 40+ men. 8 to 14 boys Over the last 12 months, last years 5A Kyal Waldron has improved out of sight and with this being his last year in the 8 to 14 class I think he will go very close to taking the win in the 2017 event. Fighting every step of the way will be last years 3A Liam Carruthers who

Retro BMX racing at Portland

retro racing at Portland BMX track

Portland BMX club, held the latest round of the Victorian State Series and whilst the pictures of the track taken Friday showed it looked a million dollars and the reports from those that practiced on Saturday afternoon, the weather Gods interrupted the proceedings and put on some terrible weather for all the racers. At about 3am a monsoon hit the area and dumped a tonne of water on to the track, unfortunately this was more than the track could handle, all of the hard work that the Portland track crew had put in was wiped out in one foul swoop. Unfortunately the rained continued for the next several hours and for many of us we got our first taste of Winter that is not too far away. Even though the track had suffered from a torrential amount of rain and the track had been ripped up by bikes trying to

Victorian State Series, Number One

Current LEader

This weekend the 26th of March, sees the Victorian State Series round 3 at Park Orchards BMX club and the over 40 retro has taken an unexpected turn, with an unexpected leader, riding with the number one plate. Who is this unexpected leader you may ask, well it’s me and if anyone had asked me at the start of the season if I thought I would be in the lead or anywhere near it, I would have told them that there was no way and no how, that I would be anywhere near it. Not only am I leading it, but with only 6 riders, racing retro in the 40+ retro this Sunday, I am guaranteed to keep the number one plate into the next round at Portland. How did this happen? Well pretty easy, numbers for the first 2 rounds of the retro series were low, very low, only

Retro BMX racing from Frankston to Wodonga

Podium Retro BMX

Another big week of retro BMX racing comes to an end and a new week is set to begin. Along side the normal training, Friday night saw Retro racing at Frankston BMX track for the 3rd round of their Summer series. Retro is getting bigger at Frankston every week, 11 riders hit the track on Friday night, with first time Frankston racer Brendon Marshall making the long trip, from Doreen in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne to the Frankston track at the gateway to the Mornington Peninsula. Initial thoughts from Brendon were, that he quite liked the track, it was fun to ride and had a nice flow to it, as it turned out Brendon really enjoyed the track as he was to be the eventual winner on the night. With 11 racers in the retro BMX field, the BMX Gods were going to smile upon someone getting into motos

Retro racers, turning it on at Knox

Retro BMX racers

Friday night 3rd of March 2017 saw the Knox championship series get under way with round 1, class sponsors Bicycle Works have come on aboard as sponsors of the retro series and if round 1 is any indicator this years Bicycle Works Retro series is going to be a cracker. With the relaxation of the retro rules in Victoria and the removal of the pre 1986 rule that is stifling retro racing in many other states, retro is now going from strength to strength. Other states and the National body should take note on what we are doing and adopt our rules, if they want to see retro BMX racing flourish. Twenty retro racers made their way to the Knox BMX track in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne Australia to race retro BMX for the night, with a few doubling up and riding 2 classes. With this many riders,

The best thing about Retro BMX racing

1988 Vortex Cruiser

I’m often asked, “why am I so involved in retro BMX racing at my age”? There are many reasons, including it gives me a reason to get up off my arse and to actually do something physical, which as we get older is of paramount importance to keep moving, the age-old saying is very true, use it or lose it. The socialization is a bonus as well, like everything from time to time there might be a clash of egos but it is quickly forgotten, because we are all there for the same reason and that is the love of the sport and the love of old school BMX in general. The one thing that stands out though for me are the builds and I am sure it is the same for many others that race Retro BMX, we all enjoy the builds and some of the bikes that are