A retro BMX racing flashback, Warrnambool 2017

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On the eve of the new race season, starting with the Frankston Helltrack event, in a couple of days time, I thought I would post about the last open meet that we all attended which seems a life time ago, back in May, on the 21st I did the long drive, first thing in the morning, from Carrum Downs, Melbourne out to Warrnambool in Western Victoria a 3 and a half hour one way trip, arriving at 8am in time for practice, I knew it was going to be a long day. Little did I know, that the day was about to turn bad for me in the worst possible way.

Up on the start gate for my first practice lap, the rider next to me, was clipped in and over balanced and his 100 kg frame came down straight on top of me, I got my left foot down and was able to stay upright, but my foot twisted and landed awkwardly. Back up on our bikes, the start gate drops and off I go, then as I go over the first jump I get this all mighty tweak in the instep of my left foot, I rolled around the rest of the track and immediately got off my bike, knowing that my foot was not right, gingerly and in pain I hobbled off the track with my bike.

Fortunately Mark Mercuri from Paramount Nutrition was able to help me out with the magical magnesium spray, I kept walking around to keep my foot warm, but I really thought my day was done before it had begun. How ever I was there and I had a the lead in the Victorian State Series that I needed to defend, so if all I could do was roll around the track then that is what I was going to do, as it turned out in the first moto, that was about all I could do, as I got around the track in a very slow 1.09.

Fortunately for me the magnesium spray began to take effect and my 2nd moto improved to a 1.02 and I was able to improve again to a 1.01 for both the third and forth motos. Thanks to The Riders Life I have been able to obtain video footage of the 3rd moto.

Over all for the day I was able to complete my four motos and came in third place in the 40+ retro and banking points to help retain my lead in the Victorian State Series, with Danny Booby and Steve Hajnal hot on my heels, all the points I can get are vital when it comes to who is the State Series Champion at the end of the year. A big shout out to all involved in the event at Warrnambool, I don’t mind saying that the track is my favorite track that I have raced at to date, just a pity it is a 7 hour round trip for me which makes it along day.

So now here we are, our attention turns to Round 6 of the Victorian State Series, where once again I will be out there defending my lead at the Frankston Helltrack open meet, see you there.

Photos courtesy of BMX Ultra and SS images

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