Training for the Retro BMX State Titles

RetroRacer31 in pain

It is that time of year, when everyone is stepping it up a gear and training hard for their state titles, this year I will be racing my Retro BMX in both the Tasmanian State Titles and the Victorian the week after. Training for me is now at the hardest intensity that it will be over the next week or two and then I will start to back off a little to give my body a chance to recover and be fresh as I possibly can be, to give the best performance that I can.

I have no illusions as to my ability and am staring down the barrel of last place at the Victorian State Titles and quite possibly the Tasmanian titles as well, but you never know, if someone takes their foot off the gas, I will be there to pounce and will happily pass them as I cross the line, coming last constantly in this sport in my 3 years in it, has been a tough thing to take, but I am now seeing improvement, I now know that I am competitive with various people, I also see others, not that far in front of me that is giving me an added incentive to push myself even harder, each week now I am seeing the little things improve, all those little things will eventually link up and become for me what I can call the perfect race.

Throughout the year I have picked up various training routines, from all those that have been involved with me, James Tait, Luke Cristiano, Mark Mecuri of Paramount Nutrition and the secret trainer, I was able to put that all into practice today into a brutal 90 minute training session. I have a few photos that you can see a few of the things that I did and whilst there is no video and a few photos of various training drills I have purposely chosen not to upload, you get a bit of an idea of what I am doing so that I hit the track the best that I possibly can.

I may not win or stand on the podium, but I’ll be there to give that race against the clock a shake and see what I can actually do, yeah I’m excited, can’t wait.


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