The Rules

The current BMX Australia rules for retro are as follows.

Retro Bicycles
Retro classes are open wheel classes on bikes (frame/fork) that must be
built pre 1986 with period friendly components.
1. No reproduction bikes
2. No micro-knobbies
3. No clip-in pedals
4. No triple-walled rims
5. No v-brakes
6. Re-produced cranks, Tuff wheels, grips and rims are permitted

Whilst very basic, the pre 1986 rule, has caused issues with the number of particpants in the sport and has stunted it’s growth, to a point where some states do not offer retro at all. The Victorian rules were relaxed in particular when it comes to the pre 86 rule and as such the class has flourished over the last couple of years.

Victorian Retro guidelines (These are currently with BMX Australia for consideration)

Definition: “Retro – Designating the style of an earlier time”. Period freindly components are encouraged.

Note: With the exception set forth herein below, an entered bicycle shall adopt the structural and integrity regulations as set down in the current BMX Australia Rule Book.

FRAME/FORKS Frame & forks shall be either 20”, 24″ or 26” in size and of no less than 25 years old.

HEAD TUBE – The Frames head tube shall be of no less, and no greater than 1”. Sleeving of a larger head tube is not permitted.
FORK – The fork tube shall be threaded and of no less or no greater than 1”. Threadless fork tubes are not permitted.
BEARING – The upper and lower bearings shall consist of bearings within ‘press fit’ head tube cups.
STEM – A 1” ‘Quill’ stem shall be fitted. The use of clamp on type head stems is not permitted.

WHEELS, RIMS – shall be either 20”, 24″ or 26” (as intended by the frame size) and of a single or double wall structure. Tuff wheels shall be permitted and reproduction versions are permitted.

TYRES – shall show ‘Knobby’ elements; micro knobbies and modern era tyres such as, but not limited to, Tioga Power Blocks, Maxxis Holy Rollers and Vee Rubber’s are not permitted for use. Reproduction versions of Knobby tyres are permitted, eg. Tioga Comp III.

CRANKS – Modern style alloy or carbon cranksets are not permitted.

GEARS – shall be of a screw on freewheel type. Reproduction or modern versions are permitted for safety/strength.

BRAKE CALIPERS – Shall be of a side/centre pull type, mounted by only a single bolt to the frame. Frames utilising dual mounting points for cantilever/V/A brakes and the like are not permitted.

SEAT Pivotal Seats are not permitted.

PEDALS Only flat pedals shall be permitted, the use of clips or clippless pedals is not permitted.

EXEMPTIONS – It is recognised that the beginnings of BMX are littered with anomalies and rarely used/seen items and to allow for that exemtions need to be made.

Examples are.
An original early “Cook Bros” threadless clamp on stem and fork would be permitted under this rule.
Original early 80s cassette hubs such as shimano mx or dx are also allowed.
An original RRS frame with ‘canti’ mounts will be allowed.

Other items will appear in due course and will need to be assessed individually on merit.