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Retro racers, turning it on at Knox

Retro BMX racers

Friday night 3rd of March 2017 saw the Knox championship series get under way with round 1, class sponsors Bicycle Works have come on aboard as sponsors of the retro series and if round 1 is any indicator this years Bicycle Works Retro series is going to be a cracker. With the relaxation of the retro rules in Victoria and the removal of the pre 1986 rule that is stifling retro racing in many other states, retro is now going from strength to strength. Other states and the National body should take note on what we are doing and adopt our rules, if they want to see retro BMX racing flourish. Twenty retro racers made their way to the Knox BMX track in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne Australia to race retro BMX for the night, with a few doubling up and riding 2 classes. With this many riders,

The best thing about Retro BMX racing

1988 Vortex Cruiser

I’m often asked, “why am I so involved in retro BMX racing at my age”? There are many reasons, including it gives me a reason to get up off my arse and to actually do something physical, which as we get older is of paramount importance to keep moving, the age-old saying is very true, use it or lose it. The socialization is a bonus as well, like everything from time to time there might be a clash of egos but it is quickly forgotten, because we are all there for the same reason and that is the love of the sport and the love of old school BMX in general. The one thing that stands out though for me are the builds and I am sure it is the same for many others that race Retro BMX, we all enjoy the builds and some of the bikes that are

Rider Bio: Gordon MacRae

The Commisoner Gordon MacRae

Name: Gordon “The Commissioner” MacRae Home Club: Geelong, Victoria. Classes: Retro 30+ Bike: S&M Holmes Best Retro Results: 1st Track Attack Series 2017 1st BSX 2017 1st South Eastern Cash Dash 2012 1st Knox Thunderdome 2012 1st Park Orchards Clash of the Titans 2011 3rd Park Orchards Clash of the Titans 2012 About Me: I was always a kid who enjoyed riding a bike, in fact there weren’t any lengthy periods of time growing up, that I didn’t have some sort of bike to ride around on. In the mid 90’s, I bought a BMX off a mate of mine, and we started riding street, mini ramps, skate parks and dirt jumps. I did try giving flat land a go, (but I sucked at it) and my overweight freestyle bike wasn’t suited to BMX racing, so freestyle is pretty much what I did until about 2004 when 5 knee injuries,

Retro BMX racing season is up and running

Knox retro BMX

The 2017 Retro BMX racing season kicked off this week, with the Track Attack series, 6 race meets over 9 days, it is a brutal welcome back to the race season and is a good spring board towards training for the national titles if you plan on doing them. From a personal point of view I decided to only do the two rounds to get some time back on the bike on a track which was sorely needed, other than a few training sessions I haven’t raced since the Victorian BMX state titles in November of 2016. I really didn’t expect too much as the training I have done recently was more based around strengthening my troublesome knee rather than riding fast. That being said I was still a little disappointed that I didn’t go faster than the recent open meets at Knox and Frankston in November and October of

2017 Retro racing season gets underway with Track Attack

Retro BMX racing

Christmas is still a few days away, but once the turkey has been devoured, more beer than anyone should actually drink and enough desert to give you a sugar rush for the rest of the year, then the focus turns back to retro BMX racing. The first event for the year is Track Attack a 6 race series over 9 days in the height of summer, it is not for the faint hearted and it is a wake up call, particularly for those of us, who have spent very little time on the bike since the State titles. It is also the perfect event to get some race fitness back and get back into the routine of racing and training and set your sights to April’s BMX Australia National Championships. Whilst April 23rd seems to be along way into the future for those of us that are intending to travel

Knox retro series results

The Knox BMX club has been a great supporter of retro racing in Victoria, so much so that it is known as the unofficial home of retro BMX racing. In fact in 2015 when retro was not added to the Victorian state titles, Knox Thunderdome was pushed as the unofficial retro state championships, keeping in mind though that this push was created and endorsed by the retro riders rather than the Knox BMX club itself. Through to 2016 and the retro BMX racers were once again welcomed back with open arms, the highlight of the year being the special club meet they put on, when BMX legend Harry Leary visited Australia, I was lucky enough to be a part of the training session that Harry put on, which was both very informative and very enjoyable. The training session was then followed by a huge night of retro BMX racing, with

Brutal punishment by the evil one, James Tait

BMX retro racing

In a flash of inspiration earlier this afternoon, I decided to head down to Knox BMX track and do a training session under the tutelage of AA Pro rider and coach James Tait, oh how I wish I stayed home or maybe I should have taken up lawn bowls. The session started off well, with the request from James to do a couple of warmup laps, after 2 laps I was gassed, I knew I was in trouble and it was going to be a long hour, the training session starts and we are divided into two teams, two relay teams that is, which involved relays of running, side ways running, kicking in yourself in the butt with your heels running and high knees running. Immediately I felt bad for my team as I was quite obviously going to be the weakest link and I apologise to tall the 8