2017 Retro racing season gets underway with Track Attack

Retro BMX racing

Christmas is still a few days away, but once the turkey has been devoured, more beer than anyone should actually drink and enough desert to give you a sugar rush for the rest of the year, then the focus turns back to retro BMX racing.

The first event for the year is Track Attack a 6 race series over 9 days in the height of summer, it is not for the faint hearted and it is a wake up call, particularly for those of us, who have spent very little time on the bike since the State titles. It is also the perfect event to get some race fitness back and get back into the routine of racing and training and set your sights to April’s BMX Australia National Championships. Whilst April 23rd seems to be along way into the future for those of us that are intending to travel to the Sleemans complex in sunny Queensland you will find April is here before we know it, thus January’s Track Attack is the perfect springboard into the rest of the season.

My personal experience with Track Attack is not a good one, 2016 was my first year, the first two events on the Saturday and Sunday were held at Eastfield, due to South Eastern was a construction zone, being upgrading at the time. Each race over the first day got faster than my last race, the 2nd day my first race was faster than the previous days races and the 2nd moto for the day I came down heavily and injured my shoulder and was out of the rest of the series, fortunately I was still on holidays from work and after a week I was able to get back to work albeit a bit sore from the crash. Fortunately that was my only crash for 2016 and fingers crossed 2017 will be accident free.

Track attack 2017
Jan 14th Track Attack Rd 1 – Park Orchards
Jan 15th Track Attack Rd 2 – Lilydale
Jan 17th Track Attack Rd 3 – Frankston
Jan 19th Track Attack Rd 4 – Knox
Jan 21st Track Attack Rd 5 – South Eastern
Jan 22nd Track Attack Rd 6 – Eastfield

I’ve put in my annual leave request and plan to be there and with the current training that I am doing, I look forward to getting back out on the track in race mode on a retro BMX and laying down some lap times and gauging my improvement, see you all there and Merry Christmas.


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