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Victorian State Series, Number One

Current LEader

This weekend the 26th of March, sees the Victorian State Series round 3 at Park Orchards BMX club and the over 40 retro has taken an unexpected turn, with an unexpected leader, riding with the number one plate. Who is this unexpected leader you may ask, well it’s me and if anyone had asked me at the start of the season if I thought I would be in the lead or anywhere near it, I would have told them that there was no way and no how, that I would be anywhere near it. Not only am I leading it, but with only 6 riders, racing retro in the 40+ retro this Sunday, I am guaranteed to keep the number one plate into the next round at Portland. How did this happen? Well pretty easy, numbers for the first 2 rounds of the retro series were low, very low, only

Rebuilding old bikes, rebuilding old bodies

Vortex BMX Cruiser

The last week has been an interesting one, whilst I had planned to step up the number of days I was going to train, I found that I was without a bike, the old Vortex Cruiser has gone through a rebuild and the crank bolt that goes through the chain wheel and into the back of the crank, turns out I had accidentally sent to QLD, when I traded my 180 cranks for 175s, fortunately the bolt was sent back express post and I received it Friday and had my Vortex BMX built just before race time. Tuesday saw me back with the secret trainer, doing further strength training, mixed in with a bit of cardio, whilst I feel the muscles around my knee getting stronger, the training doesn’t get any easier, the weights build up and with the bit of cardio mixed in, I am constantly out of breath

2017 Retro racing season gets underway with Track Attack

Retro BMX racing

Christmas is still a few days away, but once the turkey has been devoured, more beer than anyone should actually drink and enough desert to give you a sugar rush for the rest of the year, then the focus turns back to retro BMX racing. The first event for the year is Track Attack a 6 race series over 9 days in the height of summer, it is not for the faint hearted and it is a wake up call, particularly for those of us, who have spent very little time on the bike since the State titles. It is also the perfect event to get some race fitness back and get back into the routine of racing and training and set your sights to April’s BMX Australia National Championships. Whilst April 23rd seems to be along way into the future for those of us that are intending to travel