Retro racing into the future

Retro racing to date, has been a long time lobbying effort, not only by those that started it all about 8 years ago, but also by the people who revived the class and started laying the ground work, to build the class over the last couple of years to what we have today. It is the people who are racing today that need to push the necessary adjustments and fine tuning so that the class prospers in the years to come and as such here are a few of my personal thoughts of what I would like to see, not only in Victoria but Australia wide.

    Removal of the pre 1986 rule Australia wide, this one change alone has increased the sizes of the retro fields in Victoria to the point where we regularly see 2 gates of rides at a clubby, full gates at open meets and 48 entries in total for the first state titles.

    Retro racing at state titles to be given the same as all other classes, we pay the same to race and bring the numbers, I think it fair to ask that there is official photographers, taking photos of the event and there should also be video of the retro racing as well.

    Introduction of new classes, so that age classes now become 8 – 10, 11 – 13, 14 – 29, 30 – 49 and 50+ this makes it fair for the older guys that no longer have to race people 20 years younger than they are to get a state plate and like wise evens up the field in the younger age groups, as we all know there is a massive difference in maturity between an 8 year old and a 13 year old.

    Qualification of riders to race State titles, I believe to be eligible to race retro in the state titles then you need to support the class through out the year and need to ride 3 open class events to be able to ride for a state plate. Last thing we want to see is riders drop down in class to ride retro as a one off, just to get a state plate.

    Retro racers to be able to register a career retro plate number, independent of their race number in other classes, I would like to see regular retro riders to be able to have their own number if they so desire, this could be anything like their first plate number when they started racing as a kid or any other number that is important to them.

The above are my own personal thoughts about the class and where I think it should head into the future, not only for those that are racing it today, but for those that will be racing it tomorrow when riders like myself have long since retired.

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