Rider Bio: Adam Moules aka Retroracer31

Adam Moules

Name: Adam Moules
Home Club: Knox, Vic.
Classes: Retro 40+
Bike: 1988 Vortex Cruiser
Best Retro Results:
3rd South Eastern Cash Dash 2017
3rd Battle on the Border Wodonga 2017
3rd Portland Pandemonium 2017
2nd Frankston Summer series 2016
3rd Sunbury Stars Open 2016
3rd Geelong Spectacular Open 2016
3rd Knox Club Championship 2015

About Me:
As a kid I always wanted to race bikes in some form, I lived next door to the Edithvale Velodrome so spent quite a bit of time there, alas my sports that I participated in had nothing to do with cycling, they being swimming, lifesaving, karate and tae kwon do. Fast forward 25 odd years and at the age of 40 I bought myself a bike and became a member of the Southern Masters cycling club.

When I first started riding I was incredibly unfit and unable to ride 5 kms without having to stop and having a rest, I slowly built that up to the point where I could ride 15 kms non stop. Once I hit that mark I decided to participate in my first bike race at Casey Fields a 45 minute criterium race in G grade against one other person who was 81 years of age at the time, I won that race, but I think my fellow racer took it easy on me and let me win, the next few races I was blown away by the old guys at both Casey Fields and Sandown Race Track. I took a 6 month break from racing lost some weight and came back a lot fitter and thinking I was going to win, the first race back I was blown away again and came fourth.

The following race, I gritted my teeth put myself in the hurt locker and won the race, I had finally caught the cycling bug, I continued to race criterium races with Southern Masters going up a couple of grades over the next two years. Unfortunately the amount of training required took its toll on my knee and I was unable to train enough to be able to maintain the race pace or the improvement I so desired. A couple of years off the bike and I found out about Retro BMX racing.

My first race was at Frankston of January 2015 on a 1987 Haro Group 1 with white tuffs, after 2 motos I was that exhausted I physically could not do another race and made my way home. Rather then give up I came back out the next week and the next and the one after and almost 2 years later I am still racing and loving the class. I am nowhere near the pointy end of the field and that is sometimes frustrating, but I keep coming back for not only the love of the sport and the class, but also the camaraderie in the retro fraternity.

Sponsors: Not a single one.

Photos courtesy of Dugga McLean Photographics

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