From criterium racing to retro BMX racing

What a difference, 4 years makes, back in 2012 I was racing 1 hour criteriums on a road bike and loving it, the criterium is a very tactical race and is not always about the person that has the fastest sprint. Break aways are common as are spells of hard riding, that are designed to take the sting out of the sprinters leg.
I personally had a decent sprint, but couldn’t mix it in the end with the pure speed demons, but I could take out a race from along way out and make the race difficult for those behind me, I also loved breaking away out on my own and challenging myself, most often my solo break aways would not work out, but from time to time I would spring a surprise and hold on. With these tactics I found myself at the pointy end of the field when crossing the finish line more often than not. At least until I would be moved up a grade and I would have to build my fitness base up to another level to be competitive.
Fast forward 4 years and what a difference, a completely different sport, who would have thought I’d be racing retro BMX and loving it, but my goodness it is frustrating being out the back all the time. BMX is just as tactical as Criterium racing, with where to ride on the track, how to stop people from passing you and how to pass other people as well, but skills and balance come into the game as does brute power and timing off the start gate, all out speed in the first straight and holding as much of that speed as possible going into berms and rhythm sections.

I haven’t quite figured it all out yet, but damn, I can’t wait until I do.

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