Frankston Helltrack Final round.

Over the past 14 weeks, the Frankston Sharks BMX Club, have held a 7 round race series which they dubbed Helltrack, held every second Friday night from early September, November 25th marks the last round of the series and the awards night for those that have qualified with both attendance and the points earned through out the series.

From a retro stand point, the series has been well supported with an average of 8 to 10 riders each round, a fast flowing track, Frankston is one of my favorite tracks to ride and it also happens to be the closest to where I live, which is handy.

Thanks to Ash, we do have some footage from Round 4 of the Helltrack series, enjoy.


With the 2016 race season fast drawing to a close, Fridays racing is one of the last opportunities to get out there on the Old School Bike and experience the thrill of retro racing. If you want to find out more about retro racing, feel free to say hello at the track, we are more than willing to have a chat and tell you everything you need to know about the class.

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