No more excuses when it comes to nutrition

Fresh fruit and Vegetables

With the first race of the 2017 Retro BMX racing season completed and about to step up my training in a weeks time, I figured it was time to stop being lazy and start paying attention to my nutrition, more importantly what I am putting into my mouth. Our bodies are like a machine, the better fuel we put in, the better our bodies perform. So with that in mind I thought I write this post and give a few of my ideas to help others out.

Working in a produce department at a major supermarket, you would think that I would be eating fresh and healthy fruit and vegetables every day, truth be told I can be just as lazy when it comes to food as anyone else, I do eat a couple of pieces of fruit every day whilst I am at work, but on weekends I don’t touch it. Vegetables for the last couple of years have been almost non existent in my diet, due to my early morning starts, come dinner time, I found it was easier to go buy some chips to have with dinner, then cook and prepare a healthy alternative.

When it comes to being over weight or unhealthy, I have heard every argument and to be honest most of them are simply not true. Have you heard someone say they have a thyroid problem and thus they are overweight, I have thyroid issue as well, I went from having an over active thyroid to having no thyroid at all when it was destroyed by to high a dose of radiation treatment and I do remember how terrible I felt in the first few weeks before I could start taking medication and the worst week I gained 7 kgs, but since then we have experimented with my medication dosage and it seems to be about right at the moment. So yeah you may have a thyroid issue, but there is medication out there to control it so don’t use it as an excuse.

The other excuse that I hear a lot is, “I don’t have time”, errm it takes 5 to 10 minutes to make a salad, if you can not spare 5 to 10 minutes, then you need to have a look at how you are spending your time throughout the day and modify it a bit, I am sure if you really try, you can find the few minutes that you need to whip something together that is nutritious.

“I’m a fussy eater”, I’ve head that one and I use it myself, I am probably one of the most fusiest eaters on the face of the planet, for years the only vegetables I would eat were potatoes, peas and carrots. Whilst I can honestly say I don’t enjoy food as so many others do, I have worked on opening up the range of foods that I eat, most of it is a mental battle that is in your head, stop thinking about how much you dislike something and put it in your mouth and give it ago, you don’t know what anything is like until you give it a try Not to mention as we age our taste buds mature and we can tolerate foods that we may not have been able to as a child.

Lastly and this is my favorite excuse, it is too expensive to eat healthy, I can tell you straight up that is the biggest load of rubbish of all time, look at the pictures, that is the fruit and vegetables that I purchased today and it came to a grand total of $8.75, there is a heap of food there, add some chicken and some rice to it and you can feed a family of 4, for less than $15 and have left overs.

As you can see from further photos, I have been able to make a salad that will be part of tonight’s dinner for my wife and I, I have also pre made 3 stir fries and put them in the freezer, this makes it quick and easy to make a healthy meal when I feeling lazy, grab one of the containers out of the freezer add some meat and some sauce and give a quick stir fry in the wok and a meal is made in less than 10 minutes.

At the end of the day we all control what we put into our bodies, we all pretty much know what is a healthy option and what isn’t, we just need to make it easy to be able to get to the healthy snacks rather than gorge our selves on junk food, if I can do it, I am sure everyone else can do.


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