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James Tait, I swear tries to kill retro racers

Retro BMX racing training

Tonight saw myself back training with the dastardly James Tait for the first time this year, fellow retro racer Michael Herceg was also in attendance and rumor has it that retro racer Brendon Marshall was a no-show after training last week where he was brutalized and too scared to return. Our warmup started with some relay run throughs of side steps, butt kicks, grapevine shuffles and jumping, seriously what is with the jumping lately, last week with the secret trainer and this week with James, I think I may have given him some ideas with my last post, I am definitely going to have to avoid that in future. With Michael and I on opposing teams, it was game on and the grapevines were serious business, I busted out the dance skills from when I was a teen back in the 80s and grapevined shuffled like a champ, Michael was

Frankston Helltrack series, finishes on a high.

Frankston retro BMX racing

Friday night, 25th, November, 2016 saw the Frankston Helltrack 7 round series finish up and with that, it wraps up the 2016 retro racing season for the year, with only the fun Knox Christmas clubby to go, it is time for most of us to enjoy a well earned rest and give our bodies a chance to recover and go into the 2017 season raring to go. Back to Friday nights racing though and the retro class had its biggest numbers for the series, with a number of newly plated Victorian championships riders coming out for a last hit out, the field for the night, included the 4V, 5V, 7V and 8V, add to that 2 semi finalists and a return to retro racing of Gordon MacRae and Layne Riches we were in for a fun night and some fast racing. 16 entries but by the time the gate dropped,