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The Sunbury retro BMX factory.

Junion Retro BMX racers

Out in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne a retro BMX racing revolution is taking place and it seems that retro BMX racers are coming out of the Sunbury BMX club on a production line. It all started at the 2016 National BMX Championships when club coach James Lautier, got himself on an old school bike and came out and won the 2016 Australian Retro BMX title in the 14+ category. A young Samuel Todd, would then start to take an interest in retro racing and soon was on the starting line, but being that there was not a lot of junior retro racers at the time, he would often line up against the old guys at open meets and as you can see from the video of 2016’s Geelong Thunder race meet, you can see he acquitted himself well, including giving this old bloke a hiding every moto.