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Retro BMX racing, sprint training, what off season?

retro bmx sprint training, edithvale velodrome

It is the off season for us old retro BMX racers, a time where we can sit back, relax in front of the heater on a cold winters day, drink beer, eat pizza and not have to worry about when the next race is. That lifestyle of luxury is fast drawing to a close with the first open meet only a few weeks away and whilst my fellow retro racers have been hibernating and hopefully getting fat and lazy, I have been out there continuing training if for nothing else but to keep my fitness base in tact. Todays torture test saw me back at Edithvale velodrome for some sprint training on the bike with some laps of the running track in between. Everything started off easy, a couple of laps of the velodrome, followed by a lap of walking the running track, in total a 1400 meter warmup. It

Secret training with the secret trainer

Recently I was sent a message asking if I would like to participate in some training sessions, on the proviso that for now I was to keep it quiet and not mention any names. The aim of the training sessions is 2 fold, to increase my over all fitness and mobility, but it was also to allow the trainer to test if the training plan can make a middle-aged, over weight man who is relatively new to the sport of BMX, improve enough to become competitive and in amongst the pack within a relatively short time frame. I was very appreciative of the offer and accepted the training offer, yesterday started day 1 of my secret training with the secret trainer, I really did want to write this yesterday, but I was in all sorts of pain and could not muster up enough energy to focus my thoughts and get

BMX training for an old guy

I don’t know why, but after last weeks James Tait led torture session, I decided to go back to Knox tonight for another crack at it and try to get this old guys body BMX fit for the 2017 season ahead. Whilst last weeks session was very physical in regards to endurance, this weeks session was more skills based and getting my body moving the right way whilst riding. Sounds pretty easy, but my goodness I am feeling muscles that I didn’t know I had, I am sitting here with my legs screaming at me, “what the hell have you done to us” what torture did the evil one devise this week you may ask, pump drills. We start off from the start gate, pedal to the first jump and pump the rest of the track, which probably wouldn’t be so bad if I would actually commit to the Knox

Rider Bio: Danny Booby

Name: Danny Booby Home Club: Knox, Vic. Classes: 40+ Retro Bike: 1992 Powerlite P61 (but I do change bikes frequently) Best Retro Results: 4th Australian Championships 2014 7th Australian Championships 2015 8th Victoria Championships 2016 3rd Frankston Summer Series 2015 4th Retro Cup Wyndham 2016 Numerous other wins and small titles along the way. About Me: I started racing in 1989, Lalorpark BMX Club was my home track, I raced through to 2005, riding for Mongoose, ELF, S&M along the way, I got to 1 Victoria in age and 2 Victoria on cruiser, also 6 Australia in age and 4 Australia on cruiser, I started back racing in 2013 as my son wanted to start racing and have been racing in the retro class since then, BMX for me is more than just the racing it’s about the experiences and places you get to see and also the people you

Nutrition and Training go hand in hand

It is fair to say that a big part of BMX training is getting the nutrition right, it is also fair to say that over the last few years, that I have not been spot on with my nutrition. To be perfectly honest the photo that was taken of me after the BMX Victoria state titles is a little embarrassing, I have really packed on some weight over the last few years, not that it is an excuse but I have had thyroid problems over the last couple of years, my thyroid has now been destroyed with radiation treatment and I am now on medication for the rest of my life, getting the medication doses right has taken a long time. The thyroid gland for those that don’t know, produces hormones which regulate the body’s metabolic rate as well as heart and digestive function, muscle control, brain development and bone

State titles are done, first thoughts.

Vortex race bikes

The first Victorian retro state titles are now finished and I am absolutely buggered, the heat and the humidity really knocked me around, so much so that each of my motos was slower than the last one, unfortunately I did not beat my fastest time at the track from the final of the open meet about a month ago, but I am sure if the conditions were more favourable I would have gone out there and achieved a better time. The personal highlight of the day was the competition I developed with 8 year old retro rider Jenson Brown, who rides in the 8 to 13 year old class, he was despondent after his 1st moto where he didn’t beat anyone home. His Father spoke to him and told him that had improved his lap times by 5 seconds from the last time he was there, his time of 59.247

Pondering the state titles

With the Victorian BMX titles starting in 2 days time from now, particularly my class 30+ retro, I was thinking about the long time in between drinks. What do I mean by that? Well at the age of 45, I honestly can say I would not think that I would be entering into state titles for any event let alone a sport I am relatively new to, that being BMX. My history in Victorian state titles in all sports I have participated in, is littered with awards, trophies and podium places, my last Victorian titles for any sport was back in 1998 on the day that I turned 27, I competed in the masters state swimming titles, in a return to the sport I did as a kid, I was proud to come home with gold, in the mens 200 breaststroke in the 25 to 29 age class. Before that