Race Results

BMX retro racing results and round up from all the action.

A massive week of retro BMX racing

Retro BMX racers

This week saw me step it up, with a massive week of training and retro BMX racing and quite honestly I can say I am stuffed, but I am very glad that I have done it and can feel the constant improvements every time I race. My week started off on Tuesday night with the secret trainer, dusting off my old road bike and getting it hooked up to the wind trainer, it was all about sprint efforts in short bursts, these were a gut buster and the secret trainer was there right beside me on his bike toughing it out as well, I can tell you by the end of the session we were both feeling it, having given it our all and it was good to see that the secret trainer is human after all and also has limits that he can push himself to, if I can

Retro BMX racing season is up and running

Knox retro BMX

The 2017 Retro BMX racing season kicked off this week, with the Track Attack series, 6 race meets over 9 days, it is a brutal welcome back to the race season and is a good spring board towards training for the national titles if you plan on doing them. From a personal point of view I decided to only do the two rounds to get some time back on the bike on a track which was sorely needed, other than a few training sessions I haven’t raced since the Victorian BMX state titles in November of 2016. I really didn’t expect too much as the training I have done recently was more based around strengthening my troublesome knee rather than riding fast. That being said I was still a little disappointed that I didn’t go faster than the recent open meets at Knox and Frankston in November and October of

Knox retro series results

The Knox BMX club has been a great supporter of retro racing in Victoria, so much so that it is known as the unofficial home of retro BMX racing. In fact in 2015 when retro was not added to the Victorian state titles, Knox Thunderdome was pushed as the unofficial retro state championships, keeping in mind though that this push was created and endorsed by the retro riders rather than the Knox BMX club itself. Through to 2016 and the retro BMX racers were once again welcomed back with open arms, the highlight of the year being the special club meet they put on, when BMX legend Harry Leary visited Australia, I was lucky enough to be a part of the training session that Harry put on, which was both very informative and very enjoyable. The training session was then followed by a huge night of retro BMX racing, with

One winters night

Going back in August of this year, I happened to go down to Frankston BMX track on a Friday night to drop off a few parts and inadvertently ended up racing, the following is the story of the evening, but included in the pictures below are the Facebook comments which had me in tears where I read them, I have taken screenshots of the comments and blurred out the names, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did. The spoils of Victory. Popped down to Frankston tonight to pick up a bike and drop off some pedals, I had zero intentions of racing. With only Scott and Don entered into retro, they looked at me with a forlorn look on their faces, saying, “mate we need 3 for a gate”. I tried to explain that I had no race gear with me, just my bike in the

Frankston Helltrack series, finishes on a high.

Frankston retro BMX racing

Friday night, 25th, November, 2016 saw the Frankston Helltrack 7 round series finish up and with that, it wraps up the 2016 retro racing season for the year, with only the fun Knox Christmas clubby to go, it is time for most of us to enjoy a well earned rest and give our bodies a chance to recover and go into the 2017 season raring to go. Back to Friday nights racing though and the retro class had its biggest numbers for the series, with a number of newly plated Victorian championships riders coming out for a last hit out, the field for the night, included the 4V, 5V, 7V and 8V, add to that 2 semi finalists and a return to retro racing of Gordon MacRae and Layne Riches we were in for a fun night and some fast racing. 16 entries but by the time the gate dropped,

2016 Retro State titles, semi and finals videos

The 2016 Victorian BMX Titles had some fast and furious racing with some great highlights in the 3 retro classes, videos of all the semi final and finals action, from all three retro classes, great racing and great job to everyone involved. Semi final action, featuring 8 to 13 and 30+ retro classes. Finals action, from all 3 classes, 8 to 13, 14 to 29 and 30+ retro

State titles are done, first thoughts.

Vortex race bikes

The first Victorian retro state titles are now finished and I am absolutely buggered, the heat and the humidity really knocked me around, so much so that each of my motos was slower than the last one, unfortunately I did not beat my fastest time at the track from the final of the open meet about a month ago, but I am sure if the conditions were more favourable I would have gone out there and achieved a better time. The personal highlight of the day was the competition I developed with 8 year old retro rider Jenson Brown, who rides in the 8 to 13 year old class, he was despondent after his 1st moto where he didn’t beat anyone home. His Father spoke to him and told him that had improved his lap times by 5 seconds from the last time he was there, his time of 59.247